Do something, anything.


In the last week or so – maybe a little over a week – I’ve heard  first-hand accounts of four stories about people struggling with severe depression and anxiety.

I have had that struggle too.  Right now I’m winning. I want other people to win. I want to make a difference. Even if it’s a tiny difference.

Two of these accounts are about  young people in their early twenties. Both are female.  Both have eating disorders. Both don’t know where they fit in the world. They don’t see a future. They don’t want to grow up and the world looks really scary to them.

One of these accounts  is a suicide victim. Male. Someone I didn’t know who lost their job in Calgary’s  downturn… who went from vibrant and alive to desperate and lost.

The other – the fourth person I heard about – is only 15.  She tried to take her life last week. I’ve met her a couple times – she is beautiful. Her father took his life two Christmases ago.

Unrelated stories yet related. People who lost hope and who invariably had / have people around them who are desparate to make them feel better.  Desparate to o make them go toward hope and light rather than entrapment in thoughts that are dark and forboding.

My message for those living with such darkness is that there’s so many people who are cheering for you. Can you start to cheer for yourself? Can you see the beauty in your dark soul and can you start to change your regrests and confusion to a single thought that has light and self compassion.?  A small start… to know that for every dark day and dark moment there is a corresponding opposite… and that there is someone who cares. MOST of all – can you start to develop a compassionte thought for your own soul?


Namaste. 318680_10150900491395451_135692855450_21692684_1069093201_n



It’s Time to Do Something….


Recently a friend of mine a beautiful lady named Jan who was wildly in love with her soul mate Frank, newly married and living peacefully in Costa Rica – lost her lover suddenly in the middle of the night. She was 60 + and had seen plenty of  ups and downs by now…  like all of us.  She  finally had peace and love and truly joyful days.  So,  her loss got me thinking that  anything tragic and unfair  can happen at any time.  Really,  each small moment is a blessing.  Whether it’s noticing the late spring buds on the tree outside my window or stopping and really listening to my daughter as she sings country songs at the top of her lungs in the shower. These are the small blessings that matter.  Her story made me realize the benefits of  slowing it ALL  down I guess. And assess what is really important.

Somewhere in the back of my jumbled mind I DO know that it is important to slow things down. But only after I clean the house, pay the bills, go for my workout, run errands and worry about what to feed my daughter tonight. So today – I took a lieu day off work,  put o some Miles Davis, made a pot ( not just one cup!) of coffee, and sat down to write. I want to tell Jan what a wonderful person she is my touching so many with her art and art classes. Although I didn’t know Frank – I want to tell him anyway I feel like I Knew him and I know how special he was just by looking at pictures of his farm in Costa Rica.  Go  peacefully Frank…and Jan – you will find with time’s passing peace again … and know that your writing and sharing and heartfelt warm has touched us all. Image


My new word for 2013 is liberate, as in “to set free from oppression.”  What a great word as humanity moves into this age of renewed enlightenment, change, love and understanding.

This New Year I’m putting my chosen word into action so that it becomes a HABIT.  Here are some thoughts on how I’m doing this.

Step 1:  Getting  rid of useless clutter showing up in my mind that robs me of joy.

Automatic negative thought patterns serve no purpose. They suck joy from our soul, arrest our development and put our energy into a (very) low frequency.  As the philosopher Descartes said: “I think therefore I am”…  so fight these ‘gremlins’ by substituting ‘bad’ words with ‘good’,  such as hopeless with hopeful, futile with possibility, loneliness with connection and dread with anticipation.

New Age gurus call this process ‘developing greater emotional intelligence’.   Whether you call the process EI, mindfulness, or living from spirit, the starting point begins with awareness.

You will know what thoughts, fears, and repetitive behaviours are holding you back. Often the fears show up in your gut… (Third chakra). Reflective time spent with a life coach, trusted friend, a counsellor, and yourself can help you get clear on the work that needs to be done.

“The work” never ends. But getting rid of useless clutter begins with Awareness, followed by pausing and setting Free.  It is the essence of liberation.

Step 2:  Aligning spirit with Intention and Action

We all have themes that keep showing up in our lives. Carolyn Myss is a spiritual intuitive who talks about “the alchemy of spirituality’.  Honing in on our spiritual archtype is a starting point to self-understanding, self- healing and (divine) connection.

Doing this kind of ‘work’ enables us to get clear on what makes us tick. That is liberating! The next step is further exploration on what our gifts are, followed by what we can offer the world.

My wise and wonderful meditation guide Dal says “We don’t have to serve gruel in Calcutta to be of service”. We can simply steer our god-given gifts in a new direction, consciously, every moment of the day. (Hint: they always show up as  love, unity and connection.)

Stay tune for my next blog, as I ponder more about liberation!  Photo Norbert Rising – National Geographic Image

A Great Word for 2013



Giving Up the Need for Control

Today I want to talk about  our need to ‘control’ …. or rather … giving it up Imageand creating a new reality.

When we give up the need to control, we learn acceptance.  We trust that the universe has our best interests in mind. In the face of stressful or even tragic situations, important lessons are taught.  It’s almost as if when things are falling apart, they are actually falling ‘together!’

I am finally starting to get it:  embrace my essence and LOVE WHO I AM. My intentions are to

–          Share acceptance for myself and for others

–          Give up the struggle and move into gracious receiving of what is given

–          Express joy freely and help others see joy through their gifts

–          And last but not least, be Creative and share my creativity with others

Last week, in Kerry’s Empowering Women course, Kerry asked us to say to start a “yes journal” focusing on how we can activate, liberate and mobilize joy!  She talked about the “I AM”, knowing our passion and purpose and spreading our god-given gifts.   

Within each of us lies an extraordinary resonance… with acceptance and trust we can count on the synchronicities showing up in our lives!